TEAR TALK BREATHE bleeding gold records 2013

Tear Talk's debut EP Port Sunlight (2012), was a tribute to melancholy, sound textures and gloomy - but also sunny - days. A whole universe presented in 6 songs, created by guys that a year before the release of the EP, didn't know how to play their instruments.
Music, indeed, comes from within...
A year has passed since their debut. It got raving reviews, passionate followers and was called the best EP of 2012 by this humble blogger.

Now they're back with B R E A T H E, a 7'' featuring 3 songs also released via Bleeding Gold Records.
Their already signature melancholic, texturized sound gains more depth and goes darker. While 'Port Sunlight' features a Galaxie-500-meets-the-C86-movement kind of sound, B R E A T H E comes with a darker take on post punk-ish melancholy. The songs take their time to build up and create a feeling that reminded me of the expression "the calm before the storm" (the restraint, almost spoken vocals help to build the mood).
At the end of the hypnotic 5 minutes of 'Parallel', it's impossible not to think that there's this band making music for a couple of years, with 2 very distinctive releases - one made for sunny winters and the other for apocalyptic nights. I was curious to hear what would come after 'Port Sunlight': would it be more of the (beautiful) same? What I got was a sense of movement and cinematic expansion.
As I said before, Tear Talk's universe is a cohesive collection of brights and darks, feelings and cold hearts painted with talent, distorted guitars and a sense of direction.

Worth of mention:  the amazing cut out artwork and colored vinyl. If good music wasn't enough, beautifully made vinyls and artworks are also a signature of Bleeding Gold releases.

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