Following our belated look at 2012, today we share our favorite singles and EPs released last year. Lots of independent artists and breakthrough artists.
(also: a classy, affecting and gorgeous year for EPs released via Bleeding Gold Records).

25 MALES MalesMalesMales independent
24 SEABRIGHT Children Of The Sun independent
23 PRAYTHING Her Skin Caught the Glow independent
22 PINEBOCKS Love Is... independent
21 LEMUR S/T EP independent
20 SAMBASSADEUR Memories / Hours Away labrador records
19 TRIPTIDES Couch Surfer independent
18 OLD MAN WINTHER Bedroom Country Vol 3 independent
17 LA ESTRELLA DE DAVID Jupiter independent
16 HEHFU Come Home EP independent
15 BENTEVEO Super Tranqui fuego amigo discos
14 THE OCEAN PARTY In A Knot sound of melbourne records
13 FOSSIL COLLECTIVE Let It Go dirty hit records
12 CIVIL LOVE S/T EP independent
11 GENERATIONALS Lucky Numbers independent
10 FAMILY OF THE YEAR Diversity nettwerk records
09 SONGS FOR WALTER Meet Me At The Empire bleeding gold records
08 THE HOLIDAY CROWD Over The Bluffs shelflife records
07 THE PANDUHS Panduh Party! beephop records
06 THE VERY MOST Ununiversilazible Us little treasure records
05 INDOOR VOICES So Smart bleeding gold records
04 SEAFOAM S/T EP lo-rise recordings
03 MADRAS thingscanchange independent
02 FIELD TRIP Cream EP independent
01 TEAR TALK Port Sunlight bleeding gold records

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