the band in heaven

the band in heaven is a storm coming and you can see it from your window. when arrives, it rains in slow motion and the time seems to be stretched.
the band in heaven is actually located in florida. it has layers (beautiful layers) of guitars and moody, echoey vocals. on their myspace they make their references quite clear and objective: it is 80’s, it is 90’s and it is today. and black tambourine. i would add to that the pop-ish side of jesus and mary chain.

‘high low’ is a song that you hear and know/feel that’s ready to be huge… it builds up – layer by layer – into a fuzzy and electric catharsis of distortion and voices. It is, I warn you, one of those addictive songs that stuck in your head. and most likely is the song you would play if you suddenly decided to run away in the middle of the night.
(don’t know why, but the first time I heard this song, it made me think about radiohead’s album ‘the bends’ and how tom yorke should take a listen to this band and try to give us (the good) radiohead back… remember ‘pablo honey’? ‘ok computer’? and the already mentioned ‘the bends’?)

‘high low’ is enough to make you fall for the band in heaven, but then you see that they have a cover for ‘dreams’, my favourite the cranberries song. and it’s not just a cover. while the cranberries version has dolores extremely evocative and dramatic vocals, this one has this inconsolable hopelessness that gives a completely different shade to the song. the fuzziness, spacey instrumental – i don’t have to mention – is there.

on their bandcamp you can download a live performance recorded on club sandwich. 6 songs (including ‘high low’ and ‘dreams’) awesomely performed in all their layered complexity and as powerful as the ‘studio’ ones. in fact, ‘dreams’ assumes some kind of angriness in a slightly more rapid version that’s pretty interesting.

if you live in a place where hurricanes, typhoons are frequently visiting and you are melancholic, this is your music.
i know this will sound extremely obvious (a bit tacky, also) but if I knew heaven had a band and it played music like this, I wouldn’t mind go to bed tonight and never wake up.

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