she'll be eating her nails when i'm famous

She'll Be Eating Her Nails When I'm Famous ~ s/t (Holiday Records, 2010)

When I thought the year was over, musically speaking, She'll Be Eating Her Nails When I'm Famous comes with 'Stay (or Go Away)'. The song can be found on their single released under Holiday Records.
Little - nothing! - is known about this band or artist... take a look at their completely empty myspace.
The only information comes from their Holiday single release description:
"They're not actually Russians, they're from North Caucasus but close enough."

The first track, Santa from the Space, is an ok song... wasn't really impressed or carried away by the sound.

Stay (or go away) is a gem. The mellow, 'I don't care' voice repeatedly singing 'Stay/ Go away' is heartbreaking and the kind of voice that makes you consciously think: hmm, this voice is good to hear; it seems that it's dripping something inside my ears. Well, very subjective, I know. So in the end is heartbreaking but also incredibly soothing.
The song has a beautiful arrangement... beautiful guitars just punctuating the song as in a 60's ballad and synths quietly giving an atmosphere to the song. Everything works extremely well together.
Great song for late night hours (spent alone (in the kitchen)).

01. Santa From the Space
02. Stay (or Go Away)


Bekurov said...
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Bekurov said...

Thanks for the words... And you're right - my MySpace page is empty. To be honest I don't like MySpace. My page is on Bandcamp ( Plus I have my journalistic blog ( It's called "The Declaration of Human Nights". Actually "She'll Be Eating Her Nails..." is me. I'm Ruslan Bekurov. 35 years old loser who is living between Vladikavkaz and St. Petersburg. In some songs ("Santa...", "Wish You Married Xmas", "Spacemen Never Cry") friends of mine are singing...