fairweather friends


Malaysian indiepop darlings - Ferns - are back with their second album 'Fairweather Friends'. It comes out almost four years after the acclaimed 'On Botany', that in 2007 created a languid, dreamy and atmospheric world where green gardens and fields were the scenery for an idyllic and deeply melancholic combination of indiepop, shoegaze delicacy and layers of sound contrastating with whispery vocals.
If 'On Botany' was an album for sunsets and contemplation, 'Fairweather Friends' is perfect for mid-afternoons spent in the middle of the city and where you can be surrounded by people.
It's great to see a band that left such a strong impression with their first album come back years after with songs that have their DNA and yet surprise you with new perspectives and colors.
'Fairweather Friends' keeps the fragility of delicate melodies of Ferns' debut album but this time the layers of instruments give space to a more clear, acoustic and urban aesthetic. My end of the year lists consider albums released between Novembers, that's why this album was absent in my 2011 list.
The release of their second album proved that Ferns is a band to watch, listen and feel. Their indie pop feels fresh and evocative.
You can stream their albums on bandcamp. Below, you'll find a link and how can you get the album.

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