hej då karolin / åh, karolin

the honeydrips ~ hej då karolin (sincerely yours, 2007)

here's why i really like about this swedish artist: i got to know him making songs with hard guitars and lo-fi recordings... then, he came with his first debut and it was a surprise to here all the bits and blips... and after that, subtle and calm melodies created perhaps, for a muse or something like that.
it has been 2 years since his last release, what's next?

of course 'here comes the future' is a great album but particularly i prefer his previous stuff... his shoegazy and heavy guitars period... but anyway, today i'm talking about a christmas single released in december of 2007 as a free download on the site of the (amazing) label sincerely yours.
it came out after the electronic album mentioned before and has such a nice - and different - feeling... it's a ballad with a (haunting) choir, (beautiful) orchestrations and sang in swedish. very melodic and heartfelt.

this post also has another song called åh, karolin - probably recorded at the same time, since both talk about a certain 'karolin'. the mood is quite similar but this has a noir feeling... you can even picture a smokey bar lost in the 50's. the trumpet (it's a trumpet, right?) is delightful...
(not sure when and where this song was released. i found it on the honeydrips' website).

01. hej då karolin

and here's åh, karolin with a live performance video.

read the comments, eric has a great thing to say about 'åh, karolin'.


Eric said...

Hi Felipe,

That lasted a certain time before I knew 'Ah Karolin' (that I love so much) was a cover of a french song written in the seventies for the erotic movie : "Emmanuelle".

The songwritter was Pierre Bachelet.

See the video :


felipe said...

oh, thanks for letting me know that, eric!!!
quite awesome!!! hehehehe