the señors of marseille

the señors of marseille ~ davey (holiday records, 2009)

three boys from brooklyn making an upbeat sound that fits perfectly to those days when you're feeling not very special... awesome piano, uplifting percussion and amazing vocal melodies.
i got to know them via holiday records (of course!) where they released the song i'm posting today. 'davey' also can be heard on their ep.
i'm also posting another song from their ep called 'the coolest girl in new york' that follows the same path of the uplifting-lo-fi-acoustic-pop. oh, and it has such a lovely video!
feel free to jump and do-a-dance while listening to this guys...

01. davey

here's the coolest girl in new york. their ep can be bought here.


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Bonnie G said...

Love Senors of Marseille!!! Awesome pick!