ataque de caspa

Ataque de Caspa ~ Supongamos, Por Ejemplo (Independent, 1985. Released: 2011)

Madrid (Spain), circa 1985.
A group called Ataque de Caspa - Dandruff Attack - formed by one girl (Carmen) and five boys (Nacho, Lalo, Alfredo and Luis) recorded a few songs, played once on a tv show, did a few gigs and vanished. 

Internet (Earth), 2010.
We can say that a certain phenomenon happened... all of a sudden, bands were playing Ataque's songs in concerts, a 4 track ep from almost 30 years ago started to spread and a buzz was created around the band... suddenly, there was a myspace and facebook page. 

Now 'Supongamos, por ejemplo', a 6 track ep, is available for free download on bandcamp with two more songs. Impossible to describe the sound, really... not because it is 'different' but because it has that dust of time that gives an amazing feeling and atmosphere to it. It is C86, twee, Joy Division-esque at moments. In a perfect world, Cherry Red would've released their ep and they would be opening concerts for Orange Juice.
Close to none information is available online. What some people are saying is that after all this years away from music, they are recording new stuff with Los Nikis, a spanish pop punk band from the 80's. 
Also, a tribute album will be released, featuring some of the best bands of the new spanish indie scene like Los Punsetes, Klaus & Kinski and Triángulo de Amor Bizarro.     
Shake of the dust from the past 30 years and dance... here you'll find 6 glorious tracks that - thankfully - saw the light and ears of our times... 

01. Viaje a Egipto
02. Cronica China
03. LaLaLa
04. Nigeria
05. La Pesca
06. La Militar


L said...

Wow, I love the tune in the video. Can't wait to hear more. You're right, it does have that dust of time. Was that really recorded in the mid-80s? Great find - thanks so much.

felipe said...

Hi L...
thanks for the lovely words! You are awesome! Glad you are enjoying the blog.

About your question: it was indeed recorded in the mid-80's... according to the (rare) info available it's from 1985. A few people also say it was recorded before that, mentioning 1983 and 1984.

Petar said...

thanks very much, this music is lovely!

Julio said...

There's a vinyl reissue of the original songs and the covers you talked about, all in the same 12". Released by the good boys at Gramaciones Grabofónicas, and it's worth the (eternal) wait: