radioseven ~ radioseven (independent, 2011)

Feeling adventurous and like exploring the unknown lands of the universe (your own and ours?). Radioseven might be the perfect soundtrack for those modern souls that spend more time than they should looking to the stars and wondering why and when and where and how.
Combining guitars (echoing new wave-ish feelings) with a strong electronic base (not at all aseptic but involving and warm) , this project - created by an anonymous someone to keep it "purely artistic and ego-free" - aims to create music for late night and early morning hours.
While exchanging emails this morning, the artist said that the project "is also inspired by exploration and discovery. I'm disappointed that I've grown up with so much already discovered (like going to the moon)."

A new single is on the making and will be called 'Stellar Cartographer'. 
You can download the just released ep for free on bandcamp.
Here's the video for 'Explorers', the track that I think sums what we could call the Radioseven aesthetic.  

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