hong kong in the 60s

Hong Kong in the 60s ~ Places (Independent, 2010)

Keeping our electronic mood of the past couple of days, today we'll talk about a three piece band from London, with a strong multicultural background called Hong Kong In the 60s.
Mei Yau, Christopher and Tim main references are early electronic music, chinese music and italian movie soundtracks from the 60s. The result is a haunting combination of ambient electronics with musical references from a variety of places and eras.
Elegant, mellow, global and fresh.

They have just released their debut album called 'My Phantoms' under Proper Songs Records. And here you can download 'You Can Take a Heart But You Cannot Make It Beat', the first single from this album.

Here's a video excerpt taken from the lauch party of the album, last Wednesday:

Also, as a free download, you can get 'Places', an EP released on their Bandcamp page. 

01.Exploring the Landscape
02. Tracker Vale
03. At Harrington's
04. The Flower of Quincy House
05. Garma
06. Now Boarding / The Arrival
07. A Bad Night Out
08. Disintegration, The Advisory Circle Reshape


buy it
interview (indietracks)

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