A month from today, 2011 will be history. Quantic physics says that, nowadays, the absolut second is  faster than decades (centuries!) ago.
I don't know if I believe in that theory. Maybe our lives have become so filled with the emergency of images, sounds, information and our brains are still adapting to assimilate the velocity of it all.
Fact, theory or impression aside, it's time to look back and start to build the compartment in our minds where 2011 will live.
Chaotisch's musical compartment is going to be a collaborative one (thanks to Fernanda who came up with the idea).

I invited musicians, music bloggers, record labels and friends to name their favorite music from 2011. The rules were simple: they should pretend they owned chaotisch und charmant for one post. The starting point was to name their top 5 albums of the year but they could name songs, artists, singles... whatever they wanted. The way they wanted. Total freedom.

The 2011: BEST FOR GUESTS SPECIAL starts tomorrow. A huge thank you to everyone – artists, music lovers, record labels, friends – who accepted the invitation to participate. I hope you enjoy.

PS: if you want to participate, feel free to email me your list(s) to If you could also send me a picture of you it'd be fantastic but that's not mandatory. Total freedom, remember?
I'll be happy to post your choices.  

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