2011. BEST FOR GUESTS. 9 burning hearts

Jessika is from Finland and is the vocalist of Le Futur Pompiste and half of Burning Hearts (with Henry Ojala, former member of Cats On Fire).  I'm not really familiar with Le Futur Pompiste so I'll focus on Burning Hearts.
Warm and subtle (as stated in their bio on Shelflife website) is the best way to describe their sound. A mixture of vintage synths and acoustic instruments.
Their first album 'Aboa Sleeping' was released in 2009 via Shelflife and earlier this year an EP called 'Into the Wilderness was released.
Right now, their recording the final songs for their next album, entitled 'Extinctions', that will come out next year.
(Self promotion note: check the video for I Lost my Colour Vision, first single of their debut album. I made it!)

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"...instead of giving you a list of ”best of bla bla”, I prefer to lift up the artists that excited me in 2011. I'm not very keen on finding new acts and hip songs, I seldom listen to new music simply because I seldom find anything interesting enough -I'm very picky when it comes to vocals and melodies!

PJ HARVEY (link)
I like the idea of having a proper theme for an album, her idea was a clever one. The songs are cool and lyrics are fascinating, and the voice...so beautifu! This is one of the few albums released in 2011 I've actually loved and listened to throughly.

”What is this all about?”, I thought when I heard and saw her in Video games. Quite a traditional and simple song, actually. I'm glad to find out that people still appreciate a good melody, and not everything is about hip, modern sounds. I'm looking forward to see what she ends up to be.

JOHN MAUS (link)
Cool sounds, cool melodies and the artist is really alive live! I like his timeless songs -they are hard to place anywhere on the pop time line.

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