la historia de un artista (homenaje a daniel johnston)


We have the awful habit of labeling as crazy people that see things differently (ok, now I'm practically plagiarizing Apple's ad). What I mean is, we are unable to deal, as a society, with the outspoken, original and sensitive ones. The path we chose that led to our current social state has no space for meaningful, and multi-perspective exchanges. And that's our fault.

And from time to time, a particular crazy, misunderstood and lonely voice stands out and produce waves throughout a generation. The 80's and early 90's seemed to be Daniel Johnston's moment. Or maybe Johnston was the voice that better translated the young modern angsts of the 80's-90's kids. And let's be honest: few people embody the unadjusted, troubled and sensitive modern man as good as Johnston.

Last month, a compilation featuring bands from Spain and Latin America was released.

The project (free and non-profitable) was started by two guys from Granada (Spain) with an obvious admiration for Mr. Johnston. Throughout the 18 songs, we get unexpected covers and versions in spanish from an important - and quite underrated - group of contemporary artists from the spanish indie scene (or the indie scene in spanish).

COLOREANDO A DANIEL JOHNSTON (or Coloring Daniel Johnston) features consolidated indie darlings like Los Punsetes, Odio París, Alondra Bentley, Barcelona's greatest La Estrella de David and last year's latin sensation Las Robertas.
(Highlights to underground acts like Varaverde, Capitán Sunrise and Nine Stories).

The compilation is a fuzzy combination of guitar distortion and some pretty interesting and creative takes on Johnston's body of work. The album is part of a zine and is available for free on bandcamp.

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