the chaotisch days 3

Here's a collection of songs to celebrate teenagery feelings, angst, hopes and dreams.
The idea came while I was watching a (great!) british comedy show from the early 80's of the same name.
The opening track is the actual song from the opening credits of the series; an addictive short version of Cliff Richards' 'The Young Ones', sang by the cast of the series.
You'll find lots of independent artists... new stuff, old stuff, obscure stuff and classic stuff.
'Young' is a state of mind and spirit. I solemnly believe that music plays a big part on keeping things new, fresh and... well... young; always looking to the horizon for what's to come; fearless and sometimes ignoring risks and consequences.


L said...

Great job on this mix - Some wonderful tunes. Thanks.

felipe said...

Thank you, L for every now and then stopping by and leaving a comment!
Much appreciated!