chaotisch und charmant is 1 year old

one year ago i started this blog because i had to express my love for music... the idea of gradually create a collection of good music (good music = very subjective, i know) is extremely exciting. so far, around 120 artists were featured on our blog. some appeared due to requests, others were recommended by you and others were part of the history of this music lover...
share obscure or new music is what keeps me excited and makes me feel like continuing this project. as far as i know, there'll always be good music being made in basements, garages or bedrooms around the world. that's the kind of music 'chaotisch und charmant' wants to continue to celebrate.
today we start a new year around here. hope you enjoyed what we did so far!
hugs and happy birthday!

ps: this week we start our 2009 musical retrospective! stay tuned!


vinko said...

thank you for the music i would hardly find anywhere else!

mark said...

congrats felipe!
thanks for sharing all your great finds
looking forward to your best 2009
happy xmas!