2009. a chaotisch und charmant melodic retrospective

here's my top 50 songs of the year...
among them, you'll find:
- best guitar solo of the year: 'everything with you' from the pains of being pure at heart. from 1'59'' until 2'18'' you'll hear pure pure pure perfection.
- best song twist of the year: 'i don't want to dream' from the city and horses. from country-ish, pop-ish mood to twee-ish, rock-ish feeling.
- best song name of the year: 'it only takes one night to make a balloon your friend' from lunch money, that makes indie pop for kids.
- best anthem of the year: 'we're all the pirate bay' from montt mardié. (well, judging only the anthem, not its efficiency).
- and the best song of the year, of course, according chaotisch und charmant: 'je suis fatigue' a perfect pop song from the french group young michelin.
(perfect songs of the year that also should be mentioned: 'i lost my colour vision' from burning hearts and 'swans' from camera obscura).

01. young michelin - je suis fatigue
02. la bien querida - corpus christi
03. burning hearts - i lost my colour vision
04. camera obscura - swans
05. victory viii - i want to see everything
06. tada tátà - the brigade
07. joe crepúsculo - todo lo bello es gratis
08. moofish catfish - two of a kind
09. the city and horses - i love the girls
10. tada tátà - sticky dumb gum
11. the sound of arrows - m.a.g.i.c.
12. jj - from africa to málaga
13. the panduhs - county fair
14. la patère rose - decapote
15. lunch money - it only takes one night to make a balloon your friend
16. the pains of being pure at heart - the tenure itch
17. jonathan johansson - en hand i himlen
18. avner - bed för mig
19. afternoon naps - catholic school
20. south ambulance - davy crockett
21. dead man's bones - my body's a zombie for you
22. my robot friend - failure
23. the mary onettes - god knows i had plans
24. montt mardié - we're all the pirate bay
25. acorn boys - we'll always have each other
26. my teenage stride - weirder nightmare
27. hari and aino - on my usual catch up with cecilia
28. money can't buy music - we are all asphyxiate
29. moofish catfish - yours to share
30. the city and horses - i don't want to dream
31. tellus about the moon - hate
32. the panduhs - summer time
33. la patère rose - pacemaker
34. the pains of being pure at heart - higher than stars
35. hiawata! - that's the spirit
36. fun. - at least i'm not as sad (as i used to be)
37. jónsy & alex - boy 1904
38. washed out - new theory
39. delay trees - tarantula
40. my sad captains - great expectations
41. the pains of being pure at heart - everything with you
42. girl alliance - i wish i could tell you
43. oppressed by the line - one thousand red stars
44. the legends - over and over
45. knight school - you are the key
46. winterlish - greifswald
47. so cow - shackleton
48. syntaks - blue sunshine
49. the tremulance - we'll settle this on the dancefloor
50. victory xviii - on a plane at night

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L said...

Once again, thanks for all the time & effort to compile all these tunes and share them.