we & lisa ~ summer ep (independent, 2009)

we & lisa are this 3 guys (4 when performing live) that met at a swedish football team called doolittle bk and started to create pretty pop gems with electronic elements...
the band consists of petter on vocals, ante on guitars and doc ron on keyboards and programming. johan joins them when playing live. (on his free time, doc ron creates remixes for acts like ladyhawke, cut copy, the teenagers among others...)
since 2003, they've released a lot of ep's... earlier this year a full lenght was released as a retrospective with songs from all those ep's. apart from that, in 2009 other two were also released: summer and the brand new winter.

the melodies are so effective that they still amaze me every single time i listen to it... hints of 70's black music (specially on some guitar hooks) and a breath of a twisted new-wavish synth mixed with very up to date arrangements that together create a very unique, contagious and accessible sound.
it is so pleasant to your ears... and so easy to listen... the kind of music you put on a weekend afternoon to dance while you organize the living room (or vice versa); or to cook and dance while you play with knifes, spoons and forks and wait your lunch get ready (or vice versa).
so easy to enjoy...

01. independence
02. i am you
03. independence (doc ron remix)

buy it

ps: thanks to my friend mark for regularly presenting me with gems like this...

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