the give it ups (my myspace favorites. 01)

the give it ups

to inaugurate a new session of the blog called my myspace favorites i present you the give it ups. they "are two girls and three boys from South London, who play short, fuzzy pop songs."
as far as i know, they have one ep released on cloudberry records and another on odd box records.
the songs here were collected throughout the years from different sources.
their best songs tend to talk about animals, like the lovely 'be my cat' and the fuzzy 'dinosaur song'... but expect great moments with 'i wanna me metal' and 'whatever happens happens'.
and 'four day week' should be the global hymn for the workers of the world that think that friday should be part of the weekend.

photos from underexposed
01. be my cat
02. dinosaur song
03. four day week
04. i wanna be metal
05. make & do
06. whatever happens happens


buy their latest ep here


L said...

I hate to ask but... Any chance of re-posting this? Thanks.

felipe said...

send an email to and I'll send it to you!