de viaje al país de las tormentas

pumuky ~ de viaje al país de las tormentas (federación de universos pop, 2006)

pumuky stands today as one of the most inventive indie groups on the spanish scene. a must hear.
it all began with jair ramírez as 'alex kid en el país de las tormentas' in the canary islands trying to fill his soul with his own music. after dozens of awards and favorable reviews, he was joined by his brother and other friends and pumuky was born.
'de viaje al país de las tormentas' is their first lp and was recorded by the band in different places of the canary islands.

it's dense, idyllic, full of atmospheres and melancholy. guitars and eletronic elements flirting with (sometimes)post rock and (sometimes) folk wrapped around jair's whispery voice. the album, as a whole, gives you a sense of walking through landscapes of an island that could be situated in antartida or pumuky's own gran canaria, facing dark skies and cold winds.
very beautiful, extremely sad and amazingly delicate.
'la hoguera más grande del mundo' is among the prettiest songs ever written...

01. vertigo ante la posibilidad inminente de ser feliz
02. la hoguera más grande del mundo
03. dummies in love
04. demasiadas r.p.m.
05. pequeño
06. morir soñando nuevamente
07. noviembre; el eterno retorno
08. réquiem por el chico cangrejo
09. de viaje al país de las tormentas
10. último ensayo en el sótano


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