it's berlin. and it's winter.

it's berlin. and it's winter (mixtape #5)

my favorite historical event definitely is the fall of the berlin wall... i get really emotional when i see images of the people celebrating by the wall, crossing the border between east and west...
so for this month's mixtape i made a selection of songs inspired by that. i mean, the selection is a combination of songs from some of my favorite german bands, songs that i was listening when i went to berlin (most of them were listened while taking walks through the tiergarten) and songs recently discovered that i think that go well with berlin.
the opening track is the german hit (almost hymn?) from the cold-war era '99 luftballons' (yeah, i'm that obvious) and closing the mix is the german version of david bowie's 'heroes' (in my opinion, way better than the english version).
hope you enjoy!

01. nena - 99 luftballons
02. candyaudioline - pretend we're smart
03. my lily of the valley - precious moments
04. the bright and shiny - hasta la victoria siempre
05. the marshmallow kisses - i wonder why my favorite boy leaves me in the rain
06. pumuky - la hoguera más grande del mundo
07. locas in love - comandante
08. cessna - we can still be friends
09. c'est tout martine - den første smøg
10. princess niko - miss pixel and all her stupid daisies
11. oppressed by the line - sunset from the 16th floor
12. seaside stars - if you think
13. handsome train - i want you to know
14. familiar trees - discreet robots
15. subterfuge - i will never ever
16. space kelly - kleine taschenlampe brenn'
17. the psychedelic furs - heaven
18. we & lisa - too close for comfort
19. tramway - technical college
20. number 4 joystreet - the flowers are calling
21. david bowie - heroes / helden

[if any song fail to be unzipped, just click and drag it into the destiny folder]

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Carsten said...

Nice you put Locas In Love on your beautiful mix.
I don't know some of the tracks. Curious ;)