the panduhs interview

the panduhs interview

almost a month since my last post... unfortunately sometimes we have less free time than we wanted. hope i can start posting with more regularity now.

some time ago i thought that the blog could have way more interviews so i decided to contact some bands that i wish to know more about. today you'll have a q&a with this awesome indiepop band from sunny california called the panduhs. they already showed up here with their calvin johnson ep. with their interview you'll have a video for 'the yeah!', a song from the calvin johnson ep and an exclusive track just for the readers of the blog! how cool is that!?

meanwhile you read what neil and frank said, download the awwwwwweeeeesome 'summer time'!!! and be prepared to sing along because it is catchy.

01. tell us about the beginning of the band... how did you guys meet and stuff.
neil: me and frank met in continuation school the fall of 2006. he had some drums and i had a tele. we started jamming after school to stay warm, and hosted shows in his garage which we called "panduh studios". it was the place most people in our town came to hang out, do drugs, break windows, listen to music, and get in fist fights almost every other weekend. once the crowd of twenty turned into a crowd of three-hundred we started to book outside our area. barney the local sheriff was pleased with this news.

02. how's your process (if there's any) of making music?
neil: i write the music, usually after i buy a new synth, break it, and send it franks way to get it circuit bent. when i write a new song, frank adds his drums and jeff does whatever it takes to rock like a champ.

03. what's next for the panduhs? new songs soon? a single, an ep, a full length?
neil: no plans for a full length right now.
frank: neil hates full lengths.
neil: it's not that i hate full lengths, necessarily. i feel like most full lengths are about three good songs and five fillers. why not simply release those three good songs on an ep? i'm trying hard to push the band in a new direction, and as long as frank stays by my side, i should be successful - well i hope to be.
we recently took our "calvin johnson ep" on tour. we hit san jose, portland, seattle, and berkeley. we hope to have a new ep out soon and as far as a new single goes, we just got done recording. it's called "summer time" and "chaotisch und charmant" is the first to receive the single, free of fucking charge.

04. are you guys living the dream of being musicians 24/7 or do you have to
face reality and go to work? and most importantly, do you wanna be musicians 24/7?

frank: i have yet to face the reality of a 9 to 5 work schedule. i'm hoping to soon be able to live the life of a 4/20 musician.
neil: i go to school full time as a culinary student but do my best to play shows as often as i can. it's not that hard when you have a really good manager booking your shows. i'd love to be a full time musician - maybe one day!

05. let's talk about the video... it's quite simple and nice and it makes you think 'oh,
it would've been nice to be there'. how long did it take to get it ready and who came up with the idea?

neil: the video was shot by ben barker and directed by cherub freed our manager, who came up with the idea. she likes videos, so she makes her own. check em' out:
she says "i just wanted people who haven't ever been to a panduh's show to know what it feels like to watch them play and dance around with everybody - plus, their music feels so retro and fun to me, and that's why i have the frame story of a 50's girl time-traveling to their show."

06. name three songs you'd like to cover.
neil: well, we cover a song written by our friend uni & her ukulele called "on my way". i'm real strict on covering songs, the band hates me for that.
frank: the ronettes- "be my baby", the beach boys- "darlin", and the pixies - "where is my mind".

07. if you could give a perfect place and time to hear your songs, what would it be?
neil: perfect place: your bedroom, jumping on your bed with a descent pair of head phones on blast. perfect time, when your bored.
frank: listen to "the yeah!" while reading "youth in revolt" instead of watching miguel arteta's film. why are good books butchered?

08. finally, recommend something you've been listening to lately...
frank: weezer, the pixies, daft punk, css, and bonde do role
neil: i recommend el guincho, quiet riot, selena and vicente fernandez

09. anything else you feel like to say?
neil: thank you so much for the interview and for the ep review, it really means a lot and it's blogs like yours that drive me to play shows and write better music. thank you!


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