you know, that's the kind of thing that causes accidents


here's our monthly mixtape. i tried to gather a few songs that i've been listening since the year started. after my last year's musical retrospective, i discovered a lot of things that could easily be among the best songs and albums of the year. unfortunately, it's impossible to catch up with everything in the short period of time that is a year (very subjective, i know, but as the music goes 'days go by so slowly and years go by too fast').
the name of the compilation was taken from the opening track 'beautifulgirlsunnyledges' by money can't buy music, a side project from gordon mcintyre (ballboy). a moving spoken chronicle, trademark of gordon's writing style.
the other 20 tracks are a mixture of happy/gloomy tunes. it is more melancholic than i imagined it would be, but there are some moments that all you'll want to do is jump and jump and jump. so enjoy (!) and be careful, accidents* happen(!).

01. money can't buy music - beautifulgirlsunnyledges
02. le sport - love in stereo
03. the olive shoots - prostitution is gone from the streets
04. the bilinda butchers - this love is fucking right (the pains of being pure art heart cover)
05. we swim you jump - 1234
06. jj - voi parlate, lo gioco
07. strawberry whiplash - hay in a needlestack
08. my laundry life - the harbour lights
09. symfoniorkestern - tänd eld på dig själv (för det du tror på)
10. the magnetic fields - interlude
11. the berndt - walked for the future
12. solander - st michael
13. sambassadeur - i can try
14. the wind whistles - good friends won't rip you off
15. the electric pop group - in the back of my mind
16. paisley - icicle hands
17. desire - under your spell
18. biggles flys again - spring
19. horse shoes - i can't decide
20. joel alme - you remember the good times but the good times don't remember you
21. the crêpes - what else

* accidents are not always bad things happening to you.

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