ailleurs square

la cage au folk ~ ailleurs square (independent, 2009)

it's amazing the internet, isn't? there are moments when you feel like 'discovering something new', then you just start jumping from blog to blog... from myspace to myspace... or spend hours on sites like jamendo and randomly download albums from artists that you've never heard.
that's what happened a few days ago and from my research i ended up discovering la cage au folk, a band from nancy, france: 6 boys, most in their early 20's, making very interesting music, mixing chanson française with folk, celtic elements and a melody crafting with hints of belle and sebastian and french singer/songwriter essiar.
at the end of the album, you'll realise that you're taken into a trip on irish fields passing through a festival in a small french town lost in the 1920's. simply très jolie.

01. je t'emmènerai
02. le p'tit gars solitaire
03. souviens-toi
04. rodéo
05. a deux
06. matelot
07. un vieil air de musique



Jeremy said...

Thanks for this very kind critic :)

the next album is on reccording..
Jeremy of la cage au folk

L said...

Good record - thanks for this.