guess who seems to be back

le sport ~ dreaming/16 december/ love in stereo (2010, independent)

isn't nice the feeling of remembering a few years ago and the music that made your life happier? well, this is the case of le sport's music in mine... how can you not be involved by songs like 'tell no one about tonight', 'your brother is my only hope', 'if neil tennant was my lover' and (the superb) 'eurosport music baby!'? anyway...
after 4 years since they broke up, they seem to be back... well, at least at their website it's possible to download 3 new songs and watch videos for all of them. the music is darker than before, more serious and (guess what?) sadder.
like all of us, teenagers becoming grown-ups at the time they released their ep's and lp, örjan and fredrik also grew old. still, great music and, if they're really coming back, wonderful news!

------------ dreaming

------------16 december

------------love in stereo


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