woven tales

woven tales ~ beko 03 (beko digital single label, 2009)

holiday records (loved around here at chaotisch und chaotisch) release something every friday for free, as you all may know by now. but now it has some company: less than a week ago i discovered beko single label, an online label releasing a single every monday. i mean, this is fantastic! we got used to get into the weekend with holiday and now we start the week with beko!
there isn't much information about it and all we know is that it's been running for 6 months or so and it's from brest/nantes in france. the single's artwork are fantastic, with graphic designs creating some unity between them.
to present the label, i'll start posting their third release: woven tales, project by brian warden from saint petersburg, florida.
instrumental electronic music with warm melodies, shoegaze flirtations and some landscape-ish feelings. but i'm talking about a different angle when i say 'landscape-ish'... it has a sunny melancholy mixed with happiness that makes you feel as if you were walking - without touching the ground - heading to the place you cherish the most. it has this contemplation feeling that tops those (rare) moments of life when you see yourself being as if you were someone else.
beautiful, uplifting and depending if you're feeling too sensitive, may bring some tears to your eyes.

01. grazing storms
02. dried blueberries


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