the champagne anthem/ xmas safari

champagne riot ~ the champagne anthem/ xmas safari (independent, 2009)

it's the 5th day of the year and if you still don't have a musical addiction so far, you should try this...
champagne riot is a danish duo formed by caspar bock from northern portrait (my choice to be the band of 2010, like the pains of being pure at heart were in 2009) and anders reuter.
the champagne anthem is a spoken track with awesome words filled with pop references (including sarah records) and an incredibly catchy chorus with dancey bits.
xmas safari was released as a christmas gift less than a month ago and follows their brilliant way of making the perfect pop song.
two years ago, they released an ep called 'paris and i' on the lovely shelflife records.

so here's the champagne anthem

and xmas safari


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