music to see. 07

after the ep's, singles and albums, as someone that works with video and editing i couldn't start another year without posting some nice music videos from 2009. i won't post here 'paparazzi' by lady gaga because we've all seen it a lot of times... (and the blog is about more underground artists) but i think it's an awesome video. it has an unique aesthetic and that must be praised, specially when it comes from a mainstream artist.
anyways... here are some of my favorite videos from 2009.

-----symfoniorkestern - tänd eld på dig själv (för det du tror på)

-----washed out - new theory

-----tada tátà - hit the wall (live)

-----jonathan johansson - en hand i himlen

-----all india radio - lucky (best video of the year, maybe?)

----- the bridal shop - ideal state

-----linda guilala - nadie se dará cuenta

-----the tremulance - dance trap

-----my sad captains - bad decisions

-----hiawata! - valley boys

-----money can't buy music - we will all asphyxiate

-----moofish catfish - ten days in my room (live)

-----la patère rose - pacemaker

-----the city and horses - a thousand lashes (funniest video of the year?)

-----jj - things will never be the same again

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