sad day for puppets

sad day for puppets (interview)

it's been a couple of years since we were involved by the wall of sounds and warm vocals of sad day for puppets.
first came 'just like a ghost', an ep that melted our hearts with timeless melodies and the melancholic voice of anna. how can one not fall for 'big waves' and its nostalgic catchyness? in fact, i think this song was the first ever i labeled as sad and catchy... the kind of music that once it's over, you press play again.
a few months later came 'unknown colors', their debut album on haha fonogram. the walls of sound were there again with anna's soothing vocals on top of them. the shoegaze and 90's alternative rock influences were more obvious; this time, the guitars and feedback were louder and while the melancholic sweetness of some slow tracks made our hearts skip a beat, there were also moments to do some shy dance and feel the heart beating faster...

now with their second album ready to be released (be patient and wait just four more months),martin talked with us about the band and answered to our traditional q&a. they were also über kind by sharing 'monster & the beast', a song from their upcoming album. enjoy!
ps: thanks to alex, from their label, for sending the song for me to share with you.

01. first of all, could you talk a bit about the origins of the band and how did you came up with the name?
marcus and me have been friends since we were kids, and started playing music together when we were fourteen. we met anna through an ad and alex and micael through mutual friends. the band name comes from a tv show.

02. tell us about your influences, not only in music.
when it comes to music it’s classic rock like kiss, black sabbath and thin lizzy on the one hand, and the indie music of our teenage years, like smashing pumpkins and the pixies on the other. when it comes to things other than music, all i can think of is the changing seasons, what i see when i look out the window or take a walk really affects the way i feel about music.

03. your first release 'just like a ghost ep' is extremely powerful and consistent. how long it took for you to create and record the songs and what were your expectations after releasing it?
we didn’t really had a plan when we started recording those songs, it was just something we did whenever we had some spare time, and so it took a while. then we started recording right away after it was released, so i never had any time to have much expectations for the ep.

04. then, after the ep, came your first lp 'unknown colors'. somewhat harder and louder but still with the melodic softness that we heard on the ep. could you tell us how it was made?
we never rehearsed the songs as a band before we started recording, and it felt as we were fumbling in the dark for a while. it was a struggle to get it all together.

photo by lucy johnston

05. 'big waves' still is a song that gives me shivers and has this timeless perfect pop song feeling. i remember that by the time i discovered the band i used to work in a photo studio and after work i'd put my headphones on and listen to the song over and over while walking home. what's a perfect song for you?
i like songs that i can’t think of as made up from separate parts, like words and music, but feel as one whole. 'wuthering heights' by Kate Bush is a fine example of that, and one of my all time favorite songs.

06. it's been two years since 'unknown colors'. what can we expect next?
our next album is finished and will be out in september. This time around we rehearsed the songs before recording them, and i think it sounds warmer and rockier than the last one.

07. do you get to live of music or have another job?
i'm sad to say we still keep our day jobs.

08. any song you'd like to cover?
favorite waste of time by bette midler.

09. name the perfect place and time to hear your music.
summer morning, walking in the woods.

10. recommend something you've been listening lately.
a place to bury strangers. people mostly speak of how loud and noisy they are, but they have really beautiful, great songs.

11. anything else you feel like saying?
good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

download their new track now!
monster & the beast

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