my heart is high everytime you're by my side

my heart is high everytime you're by my side. mixtape #10

it's monthly mixtape time again! this month's inspiration was fernanda. "who's fernanda?" one might ask. well, fernanda is the birthday girl of the day and for 8 years she's been one of my greatest friends... we went to college together, spent endless afternoons together listening music... making music, plans... i see her as the sister-of-my-age i never had.
nowadays we live together and that's a dream of mine that came true.
because of her, my music taste was saved. she exposed me (and still does) to great music findings, and i feel that my need of looking for new music comes from her. so, thank you, babe!
on the mixtape you'll find: declarations of love and admiration; songs i think you might like and songs i know you like.

01. tender forever. happy birthday
02. the hidden cameras. underage
03. allo, darlin'. dreaming
04. red cloud carter. cucko
05. the escargo-go's. the radio
06. moto boy. when my heart was high
07. the señors of marseille. grace
08. eternal summers. safe at home
09. cats on fire. your treasure and my pleasure
10. razorcuts. summer in your heart
11. kikí d'akí. es tan fácil
12. the kensingtons. intercity baby '94
13. la bien querida. corpus christi (demo)
14. my first keyboard. the you i created
15. sweet sweet concorde. the picnic
16. facto delafé y las flores azules. el indio
17. palpitation. love again
18. manel. la gent normal (pulp cover)
19. the raveonettes. dead sound
20. two wounded birds. keep dreaming baby (demo)

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