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ed wood lover interview

today our featured artists come from spain. it's not a secret to anyone my passion for independent spanish artists. i think the scene there is so fresh and original as few other places in the world. an example of this is ed wood lovers. a duo from cuenca, a city placed in central spain.
their music is extremely diverse and while listening to their songs you're taken through a journey in space, time and mood. in one song you're in a cosy place with someone and the next takes you to a dancefloor set in the 80's (or a rock concert that could happen in 2025).
like most of the spanish acts i like (and probably like the ones you like), they have a very precise hand for lyrics.
it's perfect music to celebrate the approaching summer.
quick update: they'll release their debut single on the lovely elefant records next autumn!
here's the interview i made with them. below, you'll find a link to their bandcamp. there you can download their just released album ''lesiones cerebrales'.

01. how it all started? and where does the name come from? are you really ed wood lovers?
well, the first day, god created the earth, and the rest you can read it on the holy bible. about us, we are just two friends who love music. well, we admire ed wood’s self confidence and his special vision of the world.

02. your songs cover a wide range of music styles: there's electronic, guitar driven tunes, ballads... talk about your universe a bit? references and stuff..
we are just two in the band but we have very different influences, that’s the key point that makes our music so difficult to put in a box. we like almost all kinds of music, from beatles, the who, radiohead, to animal collective, hot chip or spanish great poet joe crepúsculo.

03. how do you create a song? and how's the recording process?
we normally start with the lyrics. once you have good words, is easier to put music over them. what’s more, the story you are telling with those words make you make the song in a way or another, more acoustic, with synthesizers or whatever. we record all our songs at home, in our own study, so is a really easy way process, no pressure and a lot of thing that we can try to make each song sound like we want.

04. your releases are available for download. what's your thoughts on music distribution nowadays?
it’s easier to get to a lot of people through the internet, but at the same time there are loads more of bands, so if you want to be heard is better to give away your music. clearly people buy less albums on stores and listen to music more using programs like spotify, so you have to change your point of view, make your songs available and cross your fingers.

from their myspace
05. what did you had in mind while creating (the wonderful) 'el dia que conocí a ewan mcgregor' (in english: the day i met ewan mcgregor)?
well, that song talks about what happens when you remember a person that you loved so much in the past. that person has never really left you even if your relationship ended a long time ago, is on you somehow.

06. your idea or a perfect pop song is...
“there she goes” by the la’s, simple and beautiful.

07. do you get to live of music or have another job?
we wish, but we have other jobs.

08. any song you'd like to cover?
loads, “no car goes” by the arcade fire, for instance.

09. name the perfect place and time to hear your music.
we make music for almost any space and time.

10. recommend something you've been listening lately.
yeasayer, from baltimore.

11. anything else you feel like saying?
just encourage people to enjoy music and to download our new songs on bandcamp.

this is the cover of 'lesiones cerebrales', clicking on it, you'll be taken to their bandcamp page where you can download it.


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