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since i started the blog, i've got to know some great bands and from time to time we talk through email or myspace or facebook... i like to call them friends because i'm an easygoing person and it's not very hard for me to make friends (through virtual medias. face to face i tend to be a bit shy).
i like to think my sad captains is a band-friend of the blog. so i'm more than happy when i get news from them...
they're releasing a free song taken from their album here and elsewhere, (released on stolen recordings) called 'you talk all night'. a very mellow and soothing tune. there' also a video for the song that is so simple but so well filmed that you can let your imagination flow with the images and build a story from it.

so here's the video:

clicking on the image below, you'll be taken to the band's bandcamp and there you can download the song with the artwork and the lovely video...

and if you happen to be in london around may, 11th be sure to check them out live! i totally would if was there... more dates can be seen at their myspace.


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