not afraid of falling down

not afraid of falling down. mixtape #09

01. sweet sweet concorde. balloon
02. my darling you!. flaming dead
03. palpitation. what if
04. bella vista. i'd rather be here
05. silly kissers. halloween summer
06. bidê ou balde. cores bonitas
07. evil men have no songs. no you no me
08. paddington dc. you're next
09. east river pipe. bernie shaw
10. kickstand. slingshot
11. silicon teens. red river rock
12. polack. romería
13. the groovy little numbers. you make my head explode
14. ed wood lovers. el día que conoci a ewan mcgregor
15. half-handed cloud. ezekiel bread
16. when i was 12. s is for subway
17. the popinjays. thinking about the weather
18. rational youth. i've got a sister in the navy
19. almedal. vi forlorar alltid allt vi alltid haft
20. la rainbow toy orchestra. dance with me little bear

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