to the future

cof cof ~ to the future ep (independent, 2010)

cof cof is alex cuadrado and ana analogica, an eletro-duo from valencia, spain. the first thing that caught my attention about their music was their intelligent and witty lyrics. i found them on in 2007 and their first ep 'cuadralogica' was an easy to fall electro pop that among other things, talked about a certain illegal imigrant coming from another planet called 'aurelia'. all the songs were sang in spanish.
after that came 'who said party?', a 9 song ep that caught the attention of the blogosphere and caused some buzz around the group (indeed the album is flawless! amazing songs from beginning until the end). switching from spanish to english, their songs kept their witty perspective on life and among the subjects were parties and drinks, infections on a saturday night, the desperation of having a hard disk broken and invitations to drink some bleach (i know i'm being dirty/but i'm a bitch, bitch, b b b b b bitch). the same song, called 'dirty tricks', has a funny 'critic' for not being successful while madonna, taking an abba's loop, reaches the top of the charts. that was 2008.
after 'who said party?', the sound of arrows invited them to create a remix for their hit single 'm.a.g.i.c.', and in 2009 they released 'safari' a 5 song ep that, in my opinion, isn't their best musical moment. but a song that you really, really have to listen from it is 't-shirt', played on a tenori-on.
yesterday 'to the future ep' was released: 3 songs full of their geek references and infectuous beats (and with ana's voice more polished than ever...) awesome return!

01. to the future
02. jungle of love
03. please


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Ana Analogica said...

<3 hoppi!!!! thanks a lot for this post!! i've just seen your message at! i've missed you baby...LOVE U!