the procedure club

the procedure club ~ beko 09 (beko digital single label, 2009)

another beko release filled with fuzzy guitars and lo-fi recordings... the label is really mastering the art of building a solid catalog of independent bands making lo-fi songs with a foot on electronic/ambient, another on the best elements of indie pop melodies and a hand in shoegaze guitars.
the procedure club are adam and andrea, from new haven. on this single, you can here both singing (one in each track) while playing awesome guitar hooks.
'early hospital' has a melancholic mood with the killer combination of sarah records and c86 with the jesus and mary chain drum beats.
'your fat body' is more like a twee tune with a gentle indie pop vocal (thanks to andrea's sweet, mellow, whispery voice). powerful and gentle at the same time.

01. early hospital
02. your fat body


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