biker boy ~ heart (hybris, 2005)

a swedish artist making melancholic electronic tunes with highly addictive beats. 'heart' is his debut ep and since then he has released 4 other works.
he spent last year releasing one single per month and that became the full lenght 'calendar' that also has a remix version.
he has just released a free single with a nice cover of peter sarstedt's lovely hit 'where do you go to (my lovely)?'.
he sounds like pet shop boys but has a morrissey-esque way of writing lyrics. swedish newspaper dagens nyheter has a good way to describe his music: "a morrissey on speed - with synthesizers".

heart is a very gloomy and blue ep and with beautiful and honest lyrics about heartbreakings and heartbreakers wrapped in sophisticated synth melodies.
the title track once was (curiously) tagged by me as 'makes me think about the future of transportation' ... go figure... still is a beautiful song with a brilliant video already posted on the section 'music to see'.

01. heart
02. situations
03. worst case scenario
04. please, don't mind

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