junco y diamante

junco y diamante ~ junco y diamante (producciones doradas, 2009)

you may already know that i love the music scene from barcelona. lately i've been discovering a lot of great bands and acts that sing in catalan.
junco y diamante was one of the first discoveries and i feel that i should've talked about them a long time ago...
they are a duo:
1. david rodríguez - from the band los beef and the man behind la estrella de david and one of the most important musicians in barcelona nowadays, either for the music he makes and his work as producer (he produced the amazing debut album from la bien querida). he also is, in my humble opinion, who best describes the atmosphere from the city (or at least how i felt it when i visited it some time ago);
2. joël iriarte that you may know as joe crepúsculo and member of the band tarántula, another iconic figure that has been causing quite a fuss since last year with his edgy songs (tacky? genious? both?) and featuring his two albums (supercrepus and escuela de zebras) among the best of 2008.

here you'll find 4 songs, each dedicated to a diferent comarca (compared to a county) surrounding barcelona. a graphic and geographic exploration with free interpretations of those places.
it's beautiful, delicate, intimate and catalan.
('alt penedès' is lovely, probably the best song of this ep (?) and a collaboration with la bien querida).
three songs are sang in spanish and one in catalan.

01. alt penedès
02. solsones
03. pallars sobira
04. osona

you can hear four new comarcas at their myspace.

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hay canciones nuevas en el myspace juncoydiamantil.