tada tátà

tada tátà ~ tada tátà ep (cosy den recordings, 2009)

northern sweden is the place where tada tátà and the friend (a lot of friends) create sweet, delicate, melodic and cristaline indiepop. ukeleles, toy instruments and cello are the main instruments.
intimate songs with fantastic harmonies and bridges in songs like 'sticky dumb gum', 'after school activities' and 'ebony'.

here's tada tátà explaining tada tátà:
"when you had too many cakes and you feel like you have to barf but..the moment just before that when everything's still tasty, delicious and really really sweet."

01. someone (intro)
02. hit the wall
03. the brigade
04. sticky dumb gum
05. after school activities
06. ebony
07. anyone (outro)

but it gets better...
some time ago (on june, 25 to be more specific) they played on the 8th edition of a project called oliver peel session, in paris. well, here's the description of the scene...
"some very good home made pizzas , cupcakes ( home made by Mathilde ) and macarons plus lots of rosé..." taken from rockerparis.
all happened inside a cosy and intimate apartment in paris:

the brigade

sticky dumb gum

hit the wall

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