home demos 2009

sunshower orphans ~ home demos 2009 (holiday records, 2009)

another release from the amazing holiday records. a four piece band from nyc making shoegazy melodies with influences from my bloody valentine, pavement and sonic youth.
two lovely songs with a urban feeling and full of that melancholic feeling of being alone in the middle of a crowd.
while 'lies in sepia' has a more noisy melody, 'manic flaneur' has a slower pace with awesome twists...
less than 10 minutes are enough to take you through beautiful landscapes of (distorted) sounds and contemplative moods. perfect for those days when it's cold, raining and you forgot your umbrella and your soaking wet on your way home.
(you can listen to more songs on their myspace).

01. lies in sepia
02. manic flaneur


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