the adventures of strip squad

strip squad ~ the adventures of strip squad (independent, 2005)

i don't know why i haven't talked about this 5 musicians yet... i've been listening to their songs for a few years now and yesterday i rediscovered them.
nothing better then a description written by them:
"strip squad consists of five young people from sweden. the band was founded in the end of 2003 when we found out that we had a common interest we enjoy to undress a little while drinking. we believe that popular culture needs a seriousness towards frivolousness and vice versa. this is something that we try to incorporate into our music, even though we usually fail miserably."

the first thing you may notice are the sexual details of their lyrics but they go way further than that. they have been compared with belle and sebastian but i don't understand why since they are more joyful, less uptight, damn honest and extremely diy.
they also help a natural reserve in bolivia that helps illegaly captured animals to go back to the freedom of forests.

fun, cute, unpretentious, original pop/electropop tunes... just to say the least.(oh, and of course, greeeeat to dance with!)
and they have the best band motto ever: too vulgar to be twee. simply adorable...

here's a few questions taken from an interview made by nordic site noisedfisk:

strip squad is not the most popular band in the world… (yet). who are you and who’s the boss? malena : i can only speak for myself here. i love strip squad because we share a broad range of interests, from pole dancing at a gay club in gran canaria to our concerns about environmental issues. nobody is the boss. jenny: we’re all the boss. we try to work out everything democratically, but most of the time end up making one desicion, then changing our minds like 100 times before everyone goes “ok fine” and end up taking the original idea anyways.

strip squad has just released a self-financed album… are you trying to find a record-label?
malena: it is true that we dont have any contact with any label, but we are not trying to get one either. personally i am satisfied with the situation, we don't need any middle men to get our message out. jenny: we’re not really bothered about labels - we’re smarter than them anyway, they’d just fuck up. seriously, any average person is like a 100 times smarter than someone working in the music industry and i tell you why: because all those people do loads of drugs and had evil on their mind. truth! if anyone gives us an offer we might consider it, but it’d better be damn good. also we don’t like people telling us what to do, because were all 14 mentally so if they say “write a song” we’ll have to say “no!” and pout and storm out in rage.

on the swedesplease blog, you’re compared to “belle and sebastian if they really let loose and were truly indie”…
malena: i love belle and sebastian, but i agree that they (or… their music) can be a bit stiff sometimes. our intention is to make people let loose and to NOT follow indie patterns like, “indie people must always keep their eyes on their shoes”. it was very flattering to read that blog. jenny: well, does truly indie mean good? er. b&s are good. but a bit uptight no?

some of your lyrics are rather… full of sexual details… do you spend all your free time fucking and thinking of sex?
malena: No. jenny: we spend a lot of time talking of it. mostly because of frustration.

swedes are usually said to be calm and wise whereas danes are much more eccentric and free-minded. are you from Denmark after all ;-)?
malena: no. but my mother is from skåne (south of sweden) which used to belong to denmark. hundreds of years ago, that is. maybe that affects me, haha. we are all quite quiet, shy and introverted, it’s only when we are together that we… let loose (as they say). jenny: correction: that’s a myth, people only think that because danes are always drunk. they’re also always happy (a clear sign of stupidity). we hate denmark and hope they all die. haha kidding. besides danes smoke dope with makes you retarded.

01. pervert/expert
02. unreliable narrator
03. hairless youth of bosnia
04. mark and kristofer's song to a former lover
05. korpamoen
06. down and out and away
07. if you don't take me right away you might as well fuck off
08. razorcuts


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