you and me against the world

the motorcycle boy ~ you and me against the world 12'' (chrysalis records, 1989)

today's the day to talk about an indie pop band from east kilbride, scotland that was born after the reunion of former members from meat whiplash and the shop assistants back in the days of 1987.
in fact, the motorcycle boy is formed by all members of meat whiplash that - with the addiction of vocalist alex taylor from the shop assistants - changed their name.
this is their third single and was released by chrysalis records. before that, they've released one single on rough trade (their debut, called 'big rock candy mountain') and 'trying to be kind', also on chrysalis.
"they recorded one john peel session and their debut single 'big rock candy mountain' reached no.22 in the annual festive fifty conducted by listeners to john peel's show. none of their singles charted in the uk, and were not released in the us. Their only album, starlet - comprising songs from 'you and me against the world' and trying to be kind' was shelved."
in 1990, the band split up...

01. you and me against the world
02. under the bridge
03.some girls
04. you and me against the world (extended mix)

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