joe crepúsculo ~ supercrepus (producciones doradas, 2008)

in one year, joe released two albums: escuela de zebras and supercrepus. both ended up in 'the best of 2008' lists throughout the blogosphere and other mediums.
escuela de zebras was a compilation of songs while the 20 tracks on supercrepus were conceived as a piece with one theme: love. but you won't hear anything near those obvious lines like 'i can't live without you' or 'i love you'.
the name supercrepus is a palindrome, and just like this title, the album has this diferent ways to talk about love... even when it seems that isn't talking about love, at all...
the great thing about joe and the reason why he's getting a lot of (deserved) attention is his approach towards music and his idea of what is a pop song. he seems to naturally have this understanding and twist and swirl all the conventions and concepts to create a strange, odd and quirky universe where catchy tunes are everywhere... something like the air here on earth.

naive, uplifting and full of life second hand technopop with strange and perfect-to-sing-along lyrics!

(by the way, his next album will be out on october and it'll be called chill out. as joe tells, it sounds diferent from his two previous works, the main theme is the lack of love and the last song is sang by a church choir.)

01. baraja de cuchillos
02. el día de las medusas
03. amor congelado
04. amar en tiempos de democracia
05. los lagartos
06. caja de lluvia
07. sandra (with marta)
08. espada de damocles
09. el faro
10. águas pantanosas
11. los faunos (with jordi irizar)
12. capitán (with elsa de alfonso)
13. vente conmigo
14. ama y haz lo que quieras
15. la canción de tu vida
16. camino de vida (with el ortiga and thelemático rosa)
17. sabores de piña
18. no me acostumbro (with david rodríguez and la bien querida)
19. iván y laura (con daniel descabello)
20. el día de la sardina

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