crisco disco

chapter 13 ~ crisco disco 7''(drive-in records/bebop records, 2000)

previously known as the marble index, an "ex diy porn actor and a disgraced ex-melody maker journalist" get together to create pure 80's synth/cold wave-ish dreamy and chilled songs.
"100% guitar-less and proud of it, crisco disco wears its synthpop colours with pride. a pristine slice of triumphalist flash made from equal measures of giorgio moroder, visage & classic italo nrg, not to mention a hefty dose of simple arrogant conceit".

this is a 7'' with two songs that were airplayed in john peel's radio show.
they were later featured on their album called 'the world from heaven', a co-release by drive-in records and saltwater.

01. crisco disco
02. element 4

(if you happen to have the album, please contact me because i'm looking for it for ages!)

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