boundary jim

boundary jim

i'm really happy, because lately i've been receiving a lot of emails from people saying kind words about the blog and even more happy for all the new bands contacting me and sending their material to be featured here. keep them coming, readers and musicians!

to celebrate your collaboration via email, here's a band that i got to know via gmail...
(actually the day i received this message was pretty special because 3 or 4 bands contacted me on that day!)
so this guy - that i thought were two - sent me this very brief message with the link to his band's myspace. while i looked to it, i was asking for more info, if he could share some songs with me (us!)... because the greatest thing about having a blog is to use it to promote new bands, that's what i really like the most, pass along the good music.
as you can see, the blog does have a lot of albums from well known acts that were shared. but at some point i realize that i wanted to share 'new' things and not 'hot' things. maybe i got what i called the 'john peel syndrome' because the idea of receiving new music from new artists is fucking amazing to me and it makes me feel very honored and emotional. it's not like i'll start to ignore some labels or more established artists that i love; they just won't be on the spotlight, but they'll sure have their space.
that's why i took some time off, you know. at first it was an unconscious action: i suddenly stopped posting; just after some time i realized that a change was about to happen. i'm not the same person that started the blog 15 months ago (you're not either) and my ideas started to go more and more distant from the initial purpose of creating it. the blog is a process... and that's the beauty of it: it could be a blog about personal thoughts but it's a music blog because that's the way i feel myself to be more personal, sharing the music i listen. it's a blog of a boy with more dreams than actions that share music that in some level(s) touch him. and by the way, yes. i do feel that this blog is my diary.

well, the original idea wasn't to share all this thoughts on this post, but i'm glad i did it. let's go to boundary jim now...
(actually, is boundary JIM but since here we don't use capitals... but just so you know.)

here's the band in the words of paul ducke (songwriter): "i moved to berlin last summer to set up a band to be able to play live. we opened up a few nice shows for more known bands. then in october i moved back to my parents. to write and develop new songs. the first ep of boundary JIM will be released on cass/flick from belfast (label of the drummer of 'girls names' who are signed to captured tracks)".
this band songs are a mix between a lazy shoegaze with a delicious melodic sense that resemble part of the c86 movement. and more than anything: their sound is lo fi.
he sent me two tracks to share with you:
'mile', with an hypnotic guitar hook and sounding almost like an introduction to their music, as if you were swimming deeper and deeper (or the opposite way, depends on the perspective).
and 'rainy days'. a melancholic ode to dark days with the sometimes awful feeling of being trapped or the comfort feeling of being inside.

myspace (here you can hear 7 more songs)


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Great blog!
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Boundary Jim rules!