so we infringed the law...

three hours ago, i received an email from google saying that, according to dmca (digital millennium copyright act), i infringed their copyright laws. the funny thing is that the file they pointed as being the one infringing the law (posted on the interview with 'scaresthedaylights'), belongs to an independent label and i had permission to put it here to download.
ok, i'm guilty because the original idea of the blog was to post whole albums to download and for 10 months of the 15 that the blog exists i've done that, i don't deny it. but if i should receive a warning for infringing the law should be for this older posts (that most likely have download links already expired).
for some time now i'm only uploading full albums of net labels giving music for free and independent artists that contact me to be featured on the blog. this blog, as i said before, more than sharing the 'latest' albums has the purpose of giving space to smaller bands/labels/projects that i think the world should know.

so at this moment i'm very confused... am i a criminal? all the music in the world belongs to dmca and i'm the only living being that doesn't know that? will my blog be deleted? what will happen next?

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Emilio Quintana said...

Haz un backup por si acaso. Oye, felicidades por el clip de Hari and Haino.