a fine young age

mixtape #08

so it's time for our monthly mixtape! and it is being posted today because it's my birthday. yeah, 26 years old... i decided to celebrate the date just like last year: compiling songs and building a mixtape with 26 musics, one for each year i've lived. not that they have some relation with a specific year.
actually the mixtape has this first songs with a positive and romantic view on life - just like when you're a kid and think that life will last forever; then we go through some songs that i feel represent me in some way (well, i think everyone has at least 1,000 songs in that category...) and the end has this tunes with a look on life that is a bit less naive and accepting that everything ends (baby, that's a fact!). so the idea was to build this 'years/life passing' mood, from birth until death.

01. lollipop train - strawberry?
02. nils folke valdemar sings: - welcome to the world
03. the april skies - a lifetime in the sun
04. scaresthedaylights - lionchair
05. plastic bertrand - major tom
06. punky's dilemma - shooting stars
07. princess niko - the comic renaissance of luv
08. south ambulance - hanging in a tie
09. the love letter band - let's go drinking
10. my darling you! - a teenager told me: be careful
11. vitesse - a fine young age
12. moto boy - when my heart was high
13. chapi chapo & les petites musiques de pluie - bourgeon tardif
14. oliver north boy choir - generation gap
15. my teenage stride - happy mondays
16. the smiths - you just haven't earned it yet, baby
17. the ocean blue - between something and nothing
18. mono taxi - must be the weather (live)
19. tillmanns - twist (spaced out)
20. par avion - modem love
21. zola - mi cumpleaños
22. death valley sleepers - she's in control
23. mirafiori - cosas que es mejor no hacer
24. vitesse - a way to my redemption
25. the deddingtons - last day
26. soda fountain rag - everything ends (baby, that's a fact)

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