tillmanns interview

i've been talking to a lot of bands that i admire... really in an interview mood, interested in getting to know the processes, the inspirations and most importantly, the people making delightful tunes to cheer our lives.
today we talked with anders, member of the swedish band tillmanns. this is not their first appearance here on chaotisch und charmant. for a few years they've been a favorite in my musical life, so it feels awesome to share their thoughts with you .
also, anders was extremely kind for sharing a new song called 'nothing to do' where we can hear awesome beats and killer guitar riffs. as he mentions on the interview, the foggy atmosphere gives space to warm sunlights.

01. could you tell us how the band started and where the name came from?
anders: me and björn met through a friend whom i played drums with. each time we met at parties we talked about making music. we had the same preferences in music like stone roses and new order.
at first the name was a joke. it’s too complicated.

02.do you get to live of music or have a real job?
a: music is our real job but we have also got fake jobs that brings food to our table.

03. i'm very interested in creative process, so i'd like to know how do you create your songs... how's the process of turning melodic ideas into tunes?
a: my ideas comes late at night and i make a lo-fi recording at home. and then we meet up in the studio and put it all together.

04. your music has this 'analogic-uplifting-decay' mood. i mean, songs like 'twist' and 'hypnosis' make me think about bright days, but there's something dark that seems to be ready to come out any moment. on the other hand there's 'cold hands' that takes me straight to a walk at 6pm in a grey and rainy city somewhere in russia. that because that's how i 'picture' or 'visualize' your music... what can we find in your universe?
a: yes that’s interesting. we’ve been through a period of fog and mist, but soon the sun will shine again, and that influences our new songs.

picture taken from their myspace
05. your references (not only musical)...
a: lot of creation and factory bands. some german kraut and italo disco. movies and books.

06. 'a careless lifestyle' was released in 2007, almost three years now... what have you been doing during this time?
a: making new songs in a very slow tempo. i’ve been working with my solo project ”the harmony”.

07. is there something you could say about the release of new songs or albums?
a: new songs are on it’s way.

08. any song you'd like to cover?
a: maybe a song from e.s.g., i love them. i don’t know…

09. recommend something you've been listening lately...
a: windsurf, durutti column, the pastels and subway.

download: nothing to do

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