another town

Daniel Rodin ~ Another Town (Independent, 2011)

Daniel Rodin is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. He makes mellow, sad and über romantic music. The kind that goes very, very well with late night hours when you have the feeling that you're the only living being awake and the only sound you here is from distant street cars passing every now and then.
I'd say his music is folk, indiepop, acoustic... and I also can hear the most melancholic bands from Sarah Records echoing in his melodies.  
He has 3 eps released on his bandcamp and you can get them all for free. 'Another Town' is the latest, released in April. It has 2 songs and 'Requiem for a January Night' is the best of all his songs. 
Go ahead and be the melancholic I know you are!

Here's Daniel at the Green Field Festival, held in Sundsvall, last year, performing 'Made in Tango', from the 'Notes' EP.

01. for you my friend
02. requiem for a january night

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