tropic of capricorn

Work Drugs ~ Tropic Of Capricorn (Independent, 2011)

photo by Work Drugs
A warm breeze is coming from "an abandoned pier on the banks of the Delaware River in beautiful Philadelphia, PA"... it brings along smooth electronic, lo-fi and chillwave songs, performed by Work Drugs.
Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal (along with Joan Wellfleet backing some songs with her sweet voice), create the perfect mood to lay back by the sea in a quiet beach (while getting stone, maybe).
As mentioned on their description: music for dancing, boating, yatching, sexting and living.
They have two EPs released: Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn (the last is a free download on
At the moment, they're holding a 'Rad Remix' competition for their song 'Rad Racer'.

01. curious serge
02. rad racer
03. golden sombrero
04. sunset junction
05. third wave
06. dog daze
07. rad racer (cayman islands sessions)

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