into the wilderness

Burning Hearts ~ Into the Wilderness (single) (Shelflife Records, 2011)

Jessika (Le Futur Pompiste) and Henry (Cats On Fire) are back with a new single after the fantastic 2009 debut album 'Aboa Sleeping', also released through Shelflife Records.

'Into the Wilderness' is part of a new EP that'll be released on June 21th. The song has a retro feeling with guitar hooks and a hint of ambient music... don't get me wrong, still is a danceable tune a la Burning Hearts (an elegant, synthy, vintage way of dance).
The song (and the already mentioned EP) were inspired by nature and more specifically by the Östrobothnian landscape, in glacial Finland. In fact, they were so inspired by the region that they decided to relocate to record the next album - due to be released later this year -close to the landscape and environment of the region.
You can feel the open spaces, ice, wild life and resilient trees filling this first single...


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