Saskatchewan ~ Dreamboat (Independent, 2011)

Saskatchewan is a province in Canada but it's also a really cool 5-piece band from Orlando, Florida.
Dreamy and pure bliss... that's all I can say about this beautiful track. The rest are just feelings of summer days filled with the anticipation / preparation for a day on the beach.
The song starts with the laid back vocals singing 'Girl I wanna be a dreamboat. Won't you let me be your dreamboat?' and that leads to this vintage keyboard/synth sound making this subtle wall, punctuated by amazing guitars. From that moment on you'll be hypnotized.
I'll warn: as a perfect pop song, it is addictive. But I guess that won't be much of a problem, right?

Dreamboat is available for free download on their bandcamp where you can also find 'Nice Daze', a 7'' released in January.

01. Dreamboat



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